Sunday, 6 December 2015

Blogmas Day 6: Favourite Things To Do At Christmas

There's many things I love about Christmas so here's a few things I like to do during the festive time.

Ice Skating, I can hardly skate for longer than 5 minutes without holding onto the side but I enjoy it never the less haha. The best time I have had ice skating is in Edinburgh! Speaking of Edinburgh, that is my favourite place ever, it's like my happy place and at Christmas it's just the best place to be. I was planning on going recently but unfortunately couldn't go so I was so disappointed! Between the markets along Princes Street to the ice rink and the Christmas shopping, there's just nothing better than getting wrapped up and enjoying the festivity in Edinburgh.

Christmas shopping, I have list after list after list of things I need at Christmas. I actually love buying Christmas presents for my friends and family, especially when it comes to my cousin Elle I just spoil her! There's just something about buying your loved ones something and seeing them open it, really happy with what you've got them.

Christmas films and cosy nights in, I actually really like the early dark nights, I love getting into bed with some nice pj's, some hot chocolate, little lights on around my room, lot's of blankets and Christmas films! If there's a time to relax, it's at Christmas because between all the Christmas shopping and rushing around, there's always time to sit down and get cosy. Light up a Christmassy candle too!

Christmas decorations, everyone loves putting up the Christmas tree, the decorations and all the lights. I love going downstairs to see the tree all lit up, cute baubles and little decorations around the house. Christmas songs are another favourite of mine, especially when wrapping presents, Christmas shopping and even at work, I love a good sing along!

Vlogmas, oh who doesn't love a good Vlogmas video?!? They get me more and more excited every time I watch a video, seeing all the Christmas shopping and festive things people are doing just excites me haha.

Getting all dressed up, I love getting dressed up and it's even better at Christmas as I can go all out with glitter and the faux fur. Recently I went out on a night out and I wore a velvet dress from Boohoo with some strappy heels and a faux fur clutch bag, I felt very festive, especially with my curly hair and makeup as I had a deep purple lipstick on and glittery eyes. (See my makeup in Blogmas Day 5)

Getting wrapped up, I love a good tartan scarf or wooly scarf at Christmas, with a leather jacket or cosy coat, it's just so nice getting wrapped up warm, layer after layer, with a nice pair of boots. (Leave the house freezing, red hot 5 minutes later! Haha)

            Let me know in the comments below what you love to do during the Christmas time!

                                                                 love Rachel x

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