Sunday, 19 July 2015

Makeup, Skincare and Hair haul

Over the past 2 weeks I've been purchasing a few makeup, skin and hair products, some of the products are repurchases where as some are new for me.

I purchased a full sized Benefit Roller Lash mascara,  I did get a sample mascara a few months ago in ELLE magazine so I have tried this before buying the full sized one. This stuff is amazing! My eyelashes aren't very long, before using this I curl my lashes then apply a layer of Roller Lash, after it dries I then apply another layer. It keeps my eyelashes looking fuller, curlier and longer, I love They're Real! But this is starting to take it's place.

The NYC Big Lashes mascara is a repurchase, I've purchased this before and it's great, especially considering it's drugstore and only around £3, if you want lashes which look fuller and longer but don't look clumpy, definitely recommend buying this.

Another repurchase is the Maybelline Better Skin foundation, I've had bottles and bottles of this, I love it. It has the perfect amount of coverage for what I like to have during the summer months although it is medium coverage, which is buildable. It's also quite matte, which I like although in the summer prefer to have a dewy look.

I might of accidently made a small MAC order the other day, I ordered the Pro Longwear foundation, I done so much research into which foundation I wanted to try next as I've tried the Studio Sculpt and that is fantastic. I use the Pro Longwear concealer and that's my favourite concealer I've ever tried so I definitely have high hopes for this foundation, I've used it once already and I did really like it, I may review it in a few weeks.

Last August I bought MAC Soft & Gentle, in April I hit pan and I just knew I'd soon have to buy another one, I've literally got no product at all left in it hahaha. So I decided to repurchase it because I can't live without it, it's the best highlighter I've used, I understand what the massive hype about it is because it is amazing, go buy it!

I have a MAC quad palette which has had 3 in for like a year, I decided to purchase Goldmine because all I've been using lately is gold eyeshadows, I haven't used it yet but I can't wait to use it. The photo below doesn't give it any justice at all.

The final makeup product I purchased is the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contour kit, I have been using this for the past week and I still can't make up my mind about it, I don't think it's very pigmented and I have to use a lot of highlighter to be able to notice it. If you've found a good highlighter which is from the drugstore, let me know in the comments because I can't find one anywhere!

Goldmine MAC Eyeshadow

Soft & Gentle highlighter MAC

I popped in The Body Shop and purchased a shower gel from the new Mojito collection, it smells just like a mojito, that is my favourite alcoholic drink haha and I just love love love the smell. I've used it once and it's really refreshing, so if you like mojitos and fresh body washes, I recommend.
As many of you have probably know Zoella has released a new skincare line, I purchased the Candy Cream Body lotion which smells unreal. I've used it a couple of times already and it's very moisturising and usually when I use a moisturiser I get disappointed because the smell doesn't last very long on the skin, I could still smell this a hour after applying it and it dries really quickly which is just a massive bonus.
In Primark I bought some false nails, which you can't really see the pattern (great photography skills Rachel) I love Primark nails and there eyelashes, which I did buy some but I used them already haha.

About 2 months ago I got micro ring hair extensions in, I had to take so much care of them and thought buying a Wet brush would help keep them in better condition. Well, buy the time the brush came I had already pulled all my extensions out! But anyway, I've been using my brush for the past few days and it keeps my hair so soft and smooth, doesn't pull or snap my hair, why didn't I buy one sooner?! (I also got hair dye on it when I dyed my hair last night, devastating!)
Let me know in the comments which makeup, skincare, beauty or hair products I should try as I'm always wanting to try new products.
love Rachel x

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