Friday, 5 June 2015

Products I've used up

Lately I've been collecting my empty products and thought I'd blog about them, I actually love watching empties videos on YouTube, just to see what people have been using and what they thought of them, I'm so nosey!
It's a devastating moment when your MAC Soft & Gentle highlighter hits pan never mind runs out! I am obsessed with this highlighter and will definitely be repurchasing it, I've got the tiniest bit of product left in it and I daren't use it until I've repurchased, hahaha.
I got a Benefit Roller Lash mascara tester in my ELLE magazine a couple months ago, ah, best mascara I've ever tried! I loved the They're Real! but I think Roller Lash has now took it's place. Will be buying a full sized one very soon.
The Maybelline Brow Drama mascara has been purchased at least 3 times, I really like it and it helps keep my brows in place all day. It also doesn't leave them feeling really thick and clumpy where some brow mascaras do.
I bought the Collection Illuminating Touch concealer randomly when I was repurchasing the Lasting Perfection concealer, both I now love. For some reason I've reached for the Illuminating concealer over my Lasting Perfection, they both give amazing coverage and I love using concealer, so definitely recommend.

Recently I got hair extensions fitted, I've been using the AUSSIE Beach Matte shampoo and conditioner for a while and I also now use it on my extensions. The shampoo and conditioner doesn't ruin my extensions and keeps all my hair looking nice and soft.

Another bottle of St, Moriz tanning lotion, like I go through so many bottles of this stuff. I've been buying it for like 2 years now, I reach for this every time I want to self tan.
Both Nivea products are amazing, I've been using their Rich Nourishing moisturiser and their In-shower moisturising  body wash. I actually love the smell of both of them, they smell quite fresh, which I really like in a body wash and moisturiser. They've helped keep my skin smooth for when I've been fake tanning too! 

Finally, skincare. Over the past few months I've changed up my skin care routine, for ages now I was using Simple products, there amazing! But then I thought I'd give Superdrug and Boots own brand a try, I was quite shocked because they're soo good. So, I bought the make-up remover gel from Boots and the eye gel, there both cucumber scented, so fresh and as there gel there really nice to apply to the skin. There priced around £1.50, try putting them in the fridge too so they're really cold, especially on holiday or during the summer where you can be burnt or just need something to help hydrate the skin.

The Vitamin E Oatmeal exfoliator face wash is so lovely, it's not harsh on the skin but still gets rid off dry skin and dead skin cells, which is a must for me because I cannot stand having dry skin, especially on my face!

The Natural Radiant hot cloth cleanser is unbelievable, I think this range is a newer collection for Superdrug's own brand. I applied the cleanser all over my face then using the cloth that it comes with I rinsed it under quite hot water then placed It over my face for a few seconds then wiped all the makeup away, it's brilliant. I also use it on a morning also after washing my face, just in case there's any left over make up, it's also quite refreshing too.

Let me know what your summer skincare, makeup and hair essentials are for summer and if there are any products I should try out. Also, leave any comments of blog posts you would like me to do, such as make up tutorials etc..

                                                                love Rachel x


  1. Great products, I love Nivea!

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  2. Loving the look of that MAC blusher xx

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  4. LOVE ST MORIZ. Loved reading your posts.