Tuesday, 28 April 2015

MAYBEAUTY: The Incredible Face Mask

Maybeauty have contacted me recently and they wanted to know if I'd like to try their Incredible Face Mask. They sent me 5 sachets with a brush to apply the mask with.

In the pack there is also a booklet that tells you about foods that can cause acne or help prevent it, it tells you how the mask works and what you can expect from using it. It claims to help reduce and prevent acne, remove dead skin cells, removes oil and

Before  -  During  -  After
I find blackheads annoying and I can't find anything to get rid of them, I used this face mask for the first time today and there are a lot of blackheads that have been removed from my nose! My skin was left feeling quite soft and I think it definitely helps remove dead skin cells. I'm going to carry on using this face mask once a week, hoping it will carry on removing blackheads and dead skin cells.

If you want to try out the facemask for yourself, Maybeauty have given me 30% discount code for you to use! Click on the link below..


*This is a sponsored post: MAYBEAUTY sponsored this post, although all opinions are my own*

                                                         love Rachel x

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