Sunday, 5 October 2014

LUSH Christmas Gift Guide

For everyone who loves, baths, bath bombs and LUSH, this is the perfect gift guide. This is nine products from Lush's Christmas collection. 

Holly Golightly, priced at £4.75 is a bubble bar. To create bubbles you crumble the bar under running water. This is a festive spice fragrance 

Snow Fairy Sparkle, priced at £4.95 is a very very popular product. This has a very sweet fragrance, it's made with organic Shea, murmuru and cupuaca butters. It's very moisterising and leaves the skin smooth and shimmery. 

The Christmas hedgehog, priced at £3.25 is a bubble bar, once again crumble under a running tap to create bubbles. This is made from organic she's and cocoa butter which will leave your skin super soft.

The Christmas penguin, priced at £3.25 is a bubble bar made from orange and lemon oils. This is very good for the skin and will leave it all soft and moisterised. 

Candy Mountain, priced at £2.75, also a bubble bar. This is vanilla scented and if you like snow fairy you will also like this a lot! 

Golden Wonder, priced at £3.75, this is a bath bomb. When you shake it, it makes a noise then drop it in warm water. This has a soft citrus fragrance, made from sweet orange, lime and cognac oils. 

Butter bear, priced at £1.95 is a bath bomb. I think this is a new product for this year, it's made from vanilla and cocoa butter, if you like the butterball you'll also like this. It's very softening and conditioning. 

Cinders, priced at £2.50 is a very sweet and spicy bath bomb which is made with cinnamon leaf oil. 

Luxury Lush Pud, priced at £3.50, is a bath bomb. This is very calming and soothing which includes lavender oils. It's also very colourful! 

Tell me what you're favourite thing to do at Christmas is and what your favourite LUSH product is.

This is NOT a sponsored post. 

                                                                love rachel x

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  1. This guide is awesome. Reminds me I need to visit LUSH for some new bath bombs!