Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Get to know me

Vital Stats:
Name - Rachel Taylor
Nicknames - Rach, Rachie, Togger (I get called it after my dad as that's his nickname, haha) 
Birthday - 14/12/96
Star Sign - Sagittarius 

Hair colour - dark brown 
Hair length - shoulder length 
Eye colour - blue 
Best feature - lips or eyes 
Braces - I don't anymore, I had them when I was 14/15 
Piercings - yes, I've got my normal lobe piercings, cartridge and nose piercing 
Tattoos - nopeee
Righty of Lefty - righty 

Film - Grease or Dirty Dancing, it's impossible to choose 
TV Show - FRIENDS, Castle and KUWTK 
Colour - black 
Song - I never really have a favourite song haha
Restaurant - I don't really have a favourite restaurant 
Store - River Island & Primark 
Book - Lauren Conrad Beauty 
Magazine - Glamour & Look 
Shoes - my black loafers & Chelsea boots 

Feeling - tired, I'm writing this at 12:26am and I can't sleep :( 
Single or Taken - single 
Eating - I've just had some cereal 
Listening to - the tele? 
Thinking about - blogging, college and Christmas hahaha 
Watching - New Girl 
Wearing - Shorts & Lil Wayne tshirt 

Want Children - I do, but I'd love a boy then a girl with around 3/4 years between them 
Want to be married - yeah
Careers in mind - I did want to be a makeup artist, I'm still really interested in makeup although I'm pushing more towards management and opening my own business 
Where do you want to live - New York or LA 

Do you believe in:
God - nope 
Miracles - yeah 
Love at first sight - yeah 
Ghosts - yeah 
Aliens - no 
Soul Mates - hmm, yes 
Heaven - no 
Hell - no 
Kissing on the first date - depends on the situation and everything else really 
Yourself - yes!!! Everyone should believe in theirselves

                                                                      love rachel x


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