Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Skincare routine - Simple & Garnier

When I was younger I never bothered as much as I do now with a skin care routine, I'd just wash my face and be done with it, as I get older I realise I need to really look after my skin. 

So many people always rave about Simple products so last year I decided I'd try them out for myself and I absolutely loved them. Like after a week my skin looked and felt so much better, it really improved. I'd like to point out I barely ever get more than one or two little spots at a time, although recently I've had quite a breakout! Also, I don't really have oily skin. The products I use really cleanse my skin leaving it feeling really soft and clean looking. 


As you can see I use two Garnier products. The makeup remover is fantastic, if you have oily skin avoid this product as it can leave your face quite oily. All the other makeup removers I've ever used I find can make my eyes sore or doesn't quite remove all the makeup off my face but this gets literally everything off! 

I've just recently purchased the PureActive charcoal face wash, I'm still not too sure what I think about it. It does exfoliate your face leaving it quite smooth but I have only been using it around 2 weeks. 

Right, so onto my actual routine.. 

On a morning I usually wake up and just wash my face using the Simple face wash, if I feel like my face needs exfoliating I use the Garnier PureActive. I then apply a Simple moisterisour. 

On a night I first I remove all makeup using the Garnier makeup remover following with the Simple refreshing face wash. 

I then use all Simple products to cleanse, tone and moisterise. I first cleanse using the Poreminimising cleanser, Soothing toner then finally moisturise with the Purifying mouituriser. 

There's also an amazing Simple Facemask I've talked about in a previous post which I really need to repurchase as it's really amazing. 

           Comment down below telling me what your favourite skin care products are. :) 
                       (Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.) 
                                                love rachel x

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