Wednesday, 6 August 2014

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Hellllo everybody, for ages now I have wanted to lose weight and become healthier. I constantly give up and I've decided I need to stick at it! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with my body even though I'm clearly not a size 10, it doesn't really bother me but I think if I dropped a few sizes I probably would be happier and more confident.

Recently I have been eating healthier and try to pick healthier options rather than rubbish. I will admit I have a few more cheats through the week than I should, even though I'm not eating the healthiest I still try and burn more calories than I eat so that helps me lose weight. 

There's a few drinks I like to make which helps detox my body and speed up my metabolism. First have you heard of Blogilaties on YouTube? She makes great workout videos but she made a video on a drink she likes to make which is made with ice cold water, oranges, lemons, mint and cucumber. So I decided to make some myself just without the oranges, it's so refreshing and makes me feel more awake. Since drinking this I have noticed that it's really helping me lose weight! 

I also like to drink cold water with lemons, it's really refreshing and really easy to make. All you do is fill a glass or water bottle with cold water, cut up some lemons and put a few slices into the water. I like to leave mine in the fridge for abit so it gets really cold before I drink it. 

Every morning I drink a cup of green tea, I really hate tea but I can just about get away with green tea. I like to fill the cup with 1/2 boiling water and 1/2 cold water so it's nice and cool, then I can drink it quickly as I hate hate hate making a hot drink and it going cold before I finish it. 

Last year I discovered TiffanyRotheWorkouts on YouTube, I started to do a few videos but soon gave up but recently I've been getting up at 9am everyday to workout. I really like the Post Baby workouts even though I've not had a baby myself, hahaha. Also, the Boxer Babe cardio, Get Your Sexy Back and the 10 Minute Booty Shaking Waist Workout are my favourites. 

My biggest motivation is Marissa Lace on Youtube, she is so inspirational in so many ways and in the recent months she decided she wanted a healthier lifestyle. First she started the 24 day Advocare challenge and finished with fantastic results, since then she has carried on to use Advocare products, eat clean and workout every day. She always posts quotes on Instagram and Twitter to help motivate herself and other people, she always says 'no excuses' I honestly could think of so many reasons why I don't wanna eat healthier or workout but I tell myself just do it, or i'll regret it. I mean by working out how can that effect you negativley? It can't! 

If you ever think about giving up just remember you can do this, there's a reason why you started and you've got to get what you want, the only way you will get it is by working hard! 


I have a gym over the road to my house, which I am signed up for and I did go for quite a while but instead now I connect my laptop to my tv and just use Youtube videos to workout to, it costs nothing and it's so easy! Besides, you can do it whenever, whereever and for as long as you want in the own comfort of your home. 

Also, I discovered a 7 minute workout app and the Brazilian Butt workout app on the iTunes App Store, I've downloaded both on my iPhone so even if I don't have long too exercise I can easily do them both in under 20 minutes. I must say the Brazilian Butt workout is amazing!! 



I honestly think you've got to motivate yourself, think positively and believe in yourself because a year from now you'll be wishing you had started today. There's literally nothing stopping you for changing your lifestyle for the better and everyone has to start from somewhere. It's took me so long to get to the point where I've told myself not to give up, I've started to see changes and so have some of the people around me. I really do feel better just by exercising more and trying to eat healthier. 

If anyone does have any tips to lose weight please comment down below :) 

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Marissa Lace -
Fitness instagram - mlacetonesup & her normal instagram is marissalace 
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