Thursday, 31 July 2014

Hair, beauty & makeup haul

Hellooo everyone, recently I've picked up a few new products so I thought I'd haul them for you all. 


First up is the VO5 shampoo & conditioner, I tried this when it first came out and I liked it but never repurchased them. Honestly I can't remember what hair type I purchased before but this time I've decided to mix it up and got the Give Me Moisture shampoo as my hair has been sooo dry for the past few months so I really need to nurisouce my hair. I'm always dying my hair so I got the Cherish My Colour conditioner to help protect the colour. 

During the summer I try to leave my hair natural or just throw it up into a messy bun if I can't be bothered to style it. I bought this Schwarzkopf beach Matt salt spray for when I want beach waves, since my hair is shoulder length I like to straighten it or loosely curl it then use the salt spray and scrunch my hair up abit to give it some volume and messy looking. 

In the summer I love a tan but I always fake it if I'm not on holiday, I usually use the St Moriz which is really good. The first ever fake tan/tinted body moisterisour was Dove, a few years ago then I used St Moriz and I still do but lately I purchased this Garnier Summer Body lotion which gives a lovely natural tan, it's takes around 30 minutes to develop but it's amazing, it's also so moisteriousing. 

Arden rose on YouTube recently talked about the LUSH Tea Tree Toner Water which helps clear your skin from spots and great for people with oily skin. I thought I'd give it a try, Arden said it's really good to spray before and after your makeups applied as it helps your makeup stay in place and I'm all for sprays to keep my makeup in place! I also bought the Sex Bomb bath ballistic but used it last night in the bath and forgot to photograph it before I used it, ooopsies.. 

Next is my favourite eyebrow product, NYX brow cake powder in Blonde. I have another one of these in brown but I'm almost out of it and I used up all the wax. I didn't realise how much of a different my eyebrows would look without the wax and they stay in place so much longer when I use it. My mam actually bought me this one as I've been needing a new one, I decided to get it in Blonde as my hair is much lighter than it was when I bought my last one but it's still amazing.

I hate hate hate painting my nails, I'm so impatient and my nails always chip! A few weeks ago a besuty shop opened near me that sells discounted beauty and hair products, my mam bought this mail polish in the shade Fun Fair which is a light pink. 

                                                                  love rachel x

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