Thursday, 19 June 2014

Top 5 drugstore & high end makeup products

Hellooo, I've picked out my top 5 drugstore and high end makeup products which I love so I thought it's about time I share them with you too. 

Firstly for my face drugstore products I love Maybelliene Superstsy better skin foundation & concealer, omg when these got released I soon bought them without hesitation. At the time I was looking for a full coverage foundation and especially concealer which gave me high coverage, these had so many good reviews I just couldn't wait to try them out and they haven't dissopointed me. I prefer to use the foundation when I have a tan as the colour range is quite different, the colour shown in the photo is Ivory which I found was slightly too dark for my skin but perfect with my tan, so I purchased the lighter shade which turns out was darker than this, I don't understand how that worked? Anyway, besides thst I absolutely love it and the coverage is fantastic. 

Next is another product that's had such good reviews and it's the NYX butter glosses, I constantly hear YouTubers rave about these and I was so excited when I came across them, I only bought one in Apple Strudel, I really wish I bought more so I really need to go out and buy some other shades. They're so moisturising and the colour pay off is amazing, it's such a beautiful colour to wear on a every day basis, especially for the summer. 

I've tried the Maybelinne Great Lash mascara a few years ago when my mam purchased it and I didn't really like it but then I recieved it in my college kit, for some reason I really started to love it. I've heard Lindsey (Beautybaby44 on YouTube) constantly rave about it and now I know why. It makes your lashes look longer and seperates them, it's so good. 

Ooh, for Christmas I recieved the Loreal Intenza gel eyeliner, the first time I used it I instantly loved it! It doesn't smudge, it's so nice to apply as it's really creamy, it doesn't take long to dry at all and is easy to remove. I'm nearly out of it so I really need to purchase a new one as I just love it, although it is quite hard to get a hold of. 


Now for the high end products.. 
What a shock, I'm including the fantastic Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, I don't own the first or the second palette but after so many great reviews from them I was expecting big things from the third one. I was most definitely not dissopointed and I must purchase the other two. As it was realised so close to Christmas I never expected to receive it at all, but my mam and dad some how managed to get me on literally 3 days before Christmas! (I actually burst into tears opening it on Christmas Day.. Hahahaha) Anyway, I use this atleast 4/5 times a week, the colours are so versatile for day and night time looks, they're all quite rose gold/pink tones but are so beautiful. It's definitely worth the money and the hype! 

These next two products are my first ever high end makeup products which I purchased in the airport last year (I have been gifted these again at Christmas) and they are Benefit's Porefessional and They're real! Mascara, oh my god, on holiday I used them both for the first time and I done my sisters and dads head in for about 4 days just talking about this mascara and how amazing it was! Obviously just purchasing the primer before getting on the plane to go to Turkey I was going to try it out on holiday as when else is their a better time to try out a primer? I used it every night and it helped my makeup stay in place all night even through the humid heat. I can't rave enough about these two products as they're just absolutely amazing and totally worth it!! 

Another mascara! (Only my 3rd one in one blog post! Hahaha, I do try out ALOT of mascaras..) so anyway, after Christmas I decided I would buy the Clinique bottom lash mascara as I'd heard is many great reviews anout it, now I know why! It makes your bottom lashes look fab, also I have really annoying little lashes in my inner corners so it's great to use their too. It's just so great as the brush is so tiny it separates and lengthens each and every lash. 

My final product is Benefit's High beam and what a product this is! It's fab, it took me a while too apply it correctly but I love it, it's my favourite product at the moment and I really can't get enough of it, I love the glowy highlighted look so this is fantastic. 

Wow I really do ramble on! Hahaha 

                           I'd love to know what your favourite products are, high end or drugstore. : ) 
                                                                Love rachel x

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