Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Positivity & happiness

Hellooo everyone, it's finally 2014, I hope everyone had a lovely New years and hope everyone has an amazing year! 

I feel like I've got to write this post as it means so much to me and I'd like to share my thoughts about positivity with you all.

Lindsey Hughes also know as Beautybaby44 on YouTube recently made a video about positivity and happiness and how she's changed for the better to be such a more positive person and how she's changed her life for the better. She's one of the first YouTubers I ever started to watch, she's always been a inspiration to me as she's only 19 but has done so much. Recently I've started watching LoveLaurenElizabeth and I came across her videos about depression and how much she changed her life and didn't let anyone stop her from living her life, it made me so emotional watching both videos she uploaded about her story about how she suffers with depression.
For months now I've tried to be such a more positive person and for most of the time I have been, when I've been upset and negative I've thought of all the happy things that's happened and the people I have in my life who mean so much to me. I've been through so so much in my life which has made me stronger and when something bad happens it does really put things into prospective and you can't change something that's already happened, you can't change who somebody is and how they act but you can change your future and how you act in a situation. 

I'm not saying everyone has to be happy and positive all the time because I know everyone has those days where you're not going to be completely happy, things happen which will bring you down and hurt you but there's always a positive to every situation and you have to try working out what that positive side to the situation is. This year I've tried to make the best of every situation which I'm going to carry on doing. 

I've been told so many times "Rachel, you deserve so much better!!" And yeah, sometimes you do deserve better, but at the time I knew I did but because I was some sort happy I couldn't see the bigger picture and now that I am out of the situation I was in I've realised so so much and it just goes to prove how much you can change or think differently when you're in certain situations. 

I do believe people deserve second chances and I've realised I do try and see the best in people. There's people I've been through things with that I'll not forget but I've forgiven to a point where I can be friends with them and have some sort of relationship with them because you can't hold a grudge forever and although someone may do something you'll never forget you can atlesst try and work past it and to a better place with them. Fair enough some people do things that you'll never forgive or forget them for and there's people I'll never forgive or forget but I've still moved on and I don't let them affect me anymore and obviously you can't forgive everyone. 

I honestly do believe that everything happens for a reason, sometimes when something happens I'll think why did that happen? I can't say I've always tried to be a positive person because I haven't, but from now on I'm going to make sure I'm happy and I put myself first. I've never really done anything I regret, I always tell myself it's better to do things than not do it and regret it, I mean sometimes you've got to think well what's the worst that could happen? In 2013 I defiantly done more of what I wanted to do and stuck by all my decisions, I still do. 

When things are bad and you can't think of a way of getting out of how you're feeling just think positively and how great things will be in the future, I've been in the situation where you think you can't do anything else to change and that's it, you give up, this continued for months and I somehow managed to snap out of it and I'm now 99% better since then. But you have to do most things for yourself and like Lindsey said in her video, there's only you who can go out and live your dreams like she did. No matter what, tell yourself that you can do it! Don't let anyone else ever tell you anything different, people think they know best about what you should do and everyone's so easy to judge other people, speaking from myself too as I've done it plenty of times. You have to do what you want to do and make sure you're happy. At the end of the day you're your number one priority and you've got to remember that. 

I could write much more but I think I've wrote enough for you to read haha, I hope this post helps you think more positive and just believe in yourself, YOU CAN DO IT, you can do whatever you like and follow your dreams, nobody else is going to do it for you. Live everyday like your last because you never know what might happen. 

Beautybaby44 video -
LoveLaurenElizabeth videos -


                                                                  Love rachel x 


  1. This post is awesome!! I've recently started writing my new blog as I would love to get into journalism!!
    Please take a look!!
    Much love

    Fiona xx

  2. Self empowerment posts are the best posts to be honest! I aim to include more on my blog..
    Have you got any social networking sites? Would love to connect more


    1. My twitter is - rchltylr and my Instagram is rachellouisetaylor x