Wednesday, 4 September 2013

NCS - Just Say Yes!

Hi everyone, how many of you have heard about NCS? If you haven't heard of them i'm going to tell you all about the organisation and what they're all about. 

NCS is the National Citizen Service, it offers 16 & 17 year olds the chance to make new friends, have new experiences and gain new skills. It helps builds life and work skills, it's all about just saying YES to things you wouldn't usually do. There are so many different things you can take part in at NCS so that everyone will have fun and have a unique experience. 

NCS Spotlight is where the people from NCS took the NCS bus and travelled around the UK to various different places to shine the light on young people for their amazing talents. The places they visited were, Devon, Nottingham, Blackpool and Newcastle, along the way they met so many great people with great talents. Below I will insert a link of the final episode in the series where they are in Newcastle, where they met Adam Taylor who is a British Junior Champion swimmer. 

Jim Chapman (a massive YouTube sensation) is an ambassador for NCS, he interviewed St Johns ambulance cadet all about how being a volunteer in her community has so many positive impacts. I shall also leave the link below! 

There is still time to sign up for the programme, it's a unique three week full time programme and 30 hours on a community project, the whole program would be so fun and you will get to meet so many new people, gain so many new skills and experiences it would be great. Please check out the videos I have linked below. 

NCS website - 


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