Friday, 2 August 2013


Hey guys, finally after so long we have Maybelline Baby Lips!! They were so worth the wait because they're fab, I've been using mine 5 days now and I absolutely love it. It has SPF 20 in so when I go on holiday next week it will protect my lips, its also smells lovely and it's clear so you can wear it under a lipstick or lipgloss, as soon as you apply the lip balm it instantly moisturisers the lips, they're so great and defiantly keep yours lips moist for up to 8 hours.

They're priced at £2.99 each and there are 6 different shades. 3 have SPF in, all have different scents and different colours so there's one for everyone! You can purchase these from Superdrug and Boots. I really recommended them as they're great. 

                  Love Rachel x


  1. Great post, SO jealous, I still haven't been able to grab one yet!x

  2. Which store did you get yours from, I went to get some today and they had none! I was so disappointed! xx