Monday, 29 July 2013

July favourites

Hey everyone! It's time for July favourites, Ive missed a few months but from now I will post my favourites every month! 

Anyway, firstly I have been loving St.Moriz instant self tanning mousse, so many people who I know use this tan and it's great! I purchased the tanning mitt to apply the tan it makes everything so much easier, I never have streaks or patches and it applies so even and easily, I defiantly recommend if you are looking for an inexpensive self tanner. (The tanning mitt was under £2 and the tan was under £3) 

For the past 2 years my mam and dad have bought me so many products from ELF (eyes lips face) for Christmas and their products are so good, I love them! (Especially the lipsticks!) 
These two make up brushes are amazing, they're from their Studio line, I have the Powder Brush which is flat and really dense, it's also the softest brush I've ever used, as are most brushes from ELF, I use it every did to apply my powder and I over the past few weeks I've started applying foundation with the Stippling Brush which is also so soft, it leaves such a lovely finish when I use my Maybelline mousse foundation, it really helps even out the foundation, it's really good. Both brushes are available online for £3.75 each. 
Also from their Studio line I have been using the Makeup most & set spray, I have used this almost every day for the past year, it keeps my make up in place and helps keep my foundation on longer. It's a really light refreshing spray which drys very quick and doesn't leave your face feeling sticky although it can leave a dewy look. Also it was £3.75. 

I'm obsessed with my eyebrows, I can't leave the house without my eyebrows not done. This MUA (Make up academy) eyebrow palette is amazing, I use the darkest powder and it's great, it stays in place all day I also set my eyebrows with a MUA clear mascara which is also great. It was £3.50 from Superdrug and I highly recommended purchasing this! I sometimes use the gel in the palette so set my eyebrows but once I used it and it was raining outside and my eyebrows smudged a little which I was so disappointed with! There are 2 other colours, a highlighter for your brow bone 
which I don't really use and a lighter brown if you need a lighter colour. 

It's only lately I've been starting to wear eye shadow on a daily basis and I've been mostly using the MUA eyehsadow palette in Heaven and Earth and it's amazing, most colours are really pigmented and last all day, I use the lightest colour (top left corner) as a highlighter for my brow bone and inner corners which I really love. It's a great jupe for the Urban Decay Naked Palettes which are so expensive where as this palette is under £5! I haven't got the Naked Palette but I hope to purchase it soon and if I do I can then see if there are any differences between both palettes. 

For music favourites I have been loving Jay-Z's new album Holy Grail and Kanye West's new album Yeezus. Also Selena Gomez - Come and get it, I absolutely love this song and Selena looks unreal in the music video! 

            Love Rachel x


  1. Love the st Moriz tan!

    Philippa Senoj xx

  2. You have an amazing blog!
    Maybe want to follow each other, just let me know :)