Thursday, 30 May 2013

Superdrug haul - Reviews

Hello everyone, following up from my recent little haul from Superdrug I'm going to review all the products and let you know what I think of them. 

One of my favourite makeup brands in Superdrug is definitely MUA (MakeUp Academy). There products are so affordable as all products are under £7, for the price the quality of the makeup is amazing, I would recommend MUA products to anyone! 

Firstly I bought a nail varnish which was only £1, the colour I purchased was 'Natural Days' this colour was very subtle, it's a perfect colour for spring/summer! I applied 3 coats as it can be quite thin, it lasted around 2 days and chipped quite easily which is quite a disappointment for a nail varnish although for £1 I still think it was worth it! 

I must of bought this powder over 10 times in the past year, I love it, it's my favourite powder I've tried up to now. It lasts up to 3 hours and can help reduce oil if you have oily skin. It leaves a matte finish if applied on top of foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Anyone who is looking for a cheap powder definitely give this product a try, I wear it every day I really can't get enough of it! 

For months now I have been looking for a blusher which I really love and when I came across the blusher mosaic I really liked the colours and it looked really good so obviously I've bought it. I really like it! Although a few hours after buying it I smashed it I've still used it, it gives a shimmery pink finish which I really like, I'm planning on repurchasing it again in a few weeks as it's nearly all used up. As there are pinks and purples in the mosaic they blend together quite nicely and you can't really see the purple when it's mixed together. 

After trying a foundation from MUA last year I was quite put off purchasing any other foundations from the brand as I purchased the lightest shade but it was literally orange when I applied it! But when the Matte perfect foundation was released earlier this year I had to give it a try, although it is slightly darker than what I'm used to it's still not too different to my natural face colour, it also gives a matte finish. It's quite thick but not too thick so it's still easy to apply, it also lasts at least 6 hours which is so good because every other foundation I have used before doesn't last too long which is such a disappointment. My friend has also used it a few times and she really likes it too! I'll definitely be repurchasing it! 

I recently gave Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer and I now know why everyone loves it so much as it's amazing! After I ran out of it I gave the MUA cover & conceal concealer a try and I also love this not as much as the Collection 2000 but I still love it, it blends really nicely and gives a lovely finish, it's not too thick but not too thin it's a really nice consistency which is easy to apply. It also lasts quite a while, it covers spots and blemishes really good, definitely one of my favourite concealers. 

The Impulse body sprays smell gorgeous, they're perfect for a throw in your bag body spray for spring/summer they also have a nice lasting smell which doesn't wear off as quickly as some body sprays. The Dove Go Fresh deodorant smells amazing! It's my favourite deodorant as it controls odors and helps keep you dry for 48 hours, it doesn't last 48 hours but it definitely helps you throughout the day. 

Lastly the Garnier hairspray, I personally don't like this hairspray because it can be quite sticky, it doesn't really smell too nice, it doesn't keep your hair in place for longer than 10 minutes and also usually when you spray a hair spray it doesn't really make much of an effect which you but when you spray this it just stays around you for a few minutes, with me I kept coughing and breathing it in which I really didn't like! I haven't yet finished the bottle and I won't be as I really dislike it. 

I hope these reviews helped and if you would like to know any further information please comment down below and I will try and respond as soon as possible! 

                                                                  love Rachel x 

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